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SOL, a Swedish term which means Sun- a symbol of life, energy & strength.
Sol bears a promise of the sweet, the sumptuous, the celebratory and in true Berrika style, the surprising.

We pack a bundle of joy and natural goodness which is responsibly grown and ethically sourced just for you!

A perfect delicious box put together as a toast, to your health and the health of your loved ones.
Enjoy picking from our three categories.


The Pink Sol Box

The colour pink is associated with lust, kindness and compassion. Our pink box is our teaser package, it features some of our most unique products. With only 5 kgs of taste and good health, it’s the perfect box for self-indulgence and small occasions.


The Green Sol Box

Green is a colour that symbolises growth, harmony and nature.Our Green box carries a perfect mix of our special products! Treat your loved ones with this 7 kgs of delight to remind them how special they are.


The Red Sol Box

The colour Red is known to be symbolic for optimism, passion and love through various cultures around the world. Our Red box is the best gift for all your big occasions! The wholesome package can contain up to 9 kgs of deliciousness to keep your friends and family happy and healthy!

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