All the world’s a farm


Berrika is our effort to make the world a smaller place, with a little help from farmers. During this global crisis that attempted to distance the world for good, farmers and their ilk worked tirelessly to bridge that gap. Farming families got to work to ensure a steady supply of food to their neighbourhood, community, city and country.

As restaurant folk, we are nothing without the farmers of the world, who bring abundance to our kitchen and tables to pass on to you. Over the last few months, we kept our ear to the ground and realised that we needed to extend this basket of enriching abundance to our loyal customers and food enthusiasts accustomed to and longing for good produce, fine ingredients and fresh flavours.

A lot of what you have missed about your travels and visits to our restaurants, Berrika will bring to your home. From meticulously selected blueberries to a niche cheese, from healthful cold-pressed juices to a selection of fine charcuterie. Ours is a vibrant and thoughtfully sourced curation of life-affirming foods that will brighten your grocery basket and your mood!

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